Hornillos to Fromista

CASTROJERIZ, Sept 29, 2:00pm

Pam and I had a great afternoon yesterday in the courtyard of our Albergue with several fellow travelers. We all brought vino tinto and assorted snacks. After Burgus, it seems there is a new group of people on the Camino. Many of the people I was used to seeing were either ending in Burgos or staying there for a couple of days rest. So adios to those friends and hola to the new ones!

Today Pam and I walked on a lovely country road through some expansive hayfields. It was a pleasant walk and the first day I felt no pain.

We checked into a smallish Albergue that is sort of rustic and has an ice cold pool of water to soak your tired feet. So we dropped out bags, took off a few things, grabbed a couple of cervesa grandes and made a beeline for that. Ahhhh! They should have one of these everywhere!

10:00pm. Just came back from dinner and had to write this note while it’s still fresh in my mind. There has been this very quiet, non-flashy, plain sort of woman on the trail. I never thought to strike up a conversation with her. However tonight I happened to be sitting next to her at dinner. I was totally blown away by her story! She is from Alberta Canada and has been widowed for over two years. She’s probably just a year or two older than me. Both her grown children and self sufficient and her life was getting very boring. So, she decided to sell her house and travel with no future plans. She is my new hero! Who would have known? If fate hadn’t led me to this woman, I never would have met her. We talked a lot about the motivation, planning and other details and exchanged email addresses. I will certainly keep tabs on her. I so admire her courage.

Tomorrow, Pam and I leave for Fromista in the am.

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