Terradillos de Templaros to Leon

TERRADILLOS de laTEMPLAROS, Oct 2, 5:00 pm

Pam and I had a long day of straight, flat Mesada walking. This village we are staying mostly consists of the 2 albergues available for people walking the Camino.


Today was LONG and hot! All flat gravel roads. This Mesada is an endurance test of patience.

Soo, we got a double room with twins and a private bath and sent the laundry out as a reward for our efforts. Had a great meal and lots of vino tinto.

Tomorrow, that much closer to Leon…

RELIEGOS, Oct 4, 3:00pm

We are staying in the sleepy little village after walking about 10 miles this morning. Tomorrow Leon, where I will stay in a real hotel and take my first day off since Sept 15th.

There are only two places to go here. Both are “bars” which are sort of all-purpose places here. You can get all your meals and refreshments all day long. There are also many interesting underground dwellings that are intriguing us. Some look very old and some not so old. We cannot seem to find out what they really are. One website says their are wine cellars but I doubt that. We took some photos.

LEON, Oct 5, 4:45

Well we finally made it across the Mesada to Leon where we checked into the Hotel Spa Paris. Very nice. Sunday is family day here. Everything except restaurants are closes and people are sauntering everywhere. Plus. There is some kind of local festival going on so there is some other activity as well. Pam and I spend a couple of hours sitting in an outside cafe eating bread, cheese, salad and vino tinto, of course. It was so relaxing and satisfying.

There is a festival going on here in Leon. OMG these Castillians sure know how to throw a celebration. All these people are dressed in Midevil costumes and there is a food Fest of gigantic proportion that takes up a number of streets. I wish I could figure out how to upload photos of all of this.

Oct 6, 11:30am

Just visited the inside of the cathedral. It is an incredibly uplifting and beautiful structure. The whole theme of its design is based on light and good thoughts, compared to the cathedral in Burgos which focuses on death and suffering. I am happy I took the time to see this magnificent place with so much history.
Leon will stay with me for some time.




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