Leon to Orbigo

HOSPITAL de ORBIGO, Oct 7, 4:44pm

It is with a heavy heart and a lump in my throat that I said goodby to Pam and left Leon this morning alone. It was good to see my friend and have shared this experience with her, especially Leon. Leon touched me deep inside. It will give me a lot to contemplate during my long days of walking during the next two weeks.

The Spanish people I have seen throughout this whole journey have been so friendly and helpful. They have this siesta thing where everything closes all afternoon until 5. I think I could adapt very well to their slow rhythm of life. I love the way they walk arm-in-arm down the street and the way the grandparents hold and kiss their grandchildren’s little faces. They all seem so happy.

Not many of them speak any English so I have had to learn some basics to get by. It would be great to immerse myself here for a few months and learn how to speak the language better.

Pam and I met an old man the other night who seemed to enjoy talking with us even though neither of us spoke his language. So we all spoke slowly and eventually could converse with each other. I really enjoyed that.

Getting back into ‘solo’ mode was not difficult. Today’s map called for a 22.4 km walk but I was there by noon so just kept on walking. I did 33kms to this neat little town and I am pooped!

Tomorrow will probably be about 25kms. After that there is some serious climbing and descending to do.
About to fall asleep.

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