Astorga to Rabinal

RABINAL, Oct 9, 2:30pm

Well after yesterday’s mental meltdown, the sun came out and I had a great day climbing to a higher elevation. It felt real good to get away from those long flat roads. Picking and climbing those rocky trails do put a smile on my face. Thank you to all of you who sent me words of encouragement. It helped get me going and out of my whining mode.

Tomorrow will be a very challenging and long day. Up up up for 10kms then a loooooong steep down for another 15km. Have to watch the knees on the descent. I’m having my pack transported to ease the weight on my joints.

It is cold up here. I wore just about everything I have today. Tomorrow I’ll be adding a hat and gloves to the attire.

Can’t wait!!

2 thoughts on “Astorga to Rabinal

  1. Hi, Janet – I’ve been following your comments and was about to write to encourage you in your “down” day but now I see I can write to congratulate you on pulling yourself back! You are on the right mental track now as well as the right physical path. Keep on it – And Go, Girl, Go!
    Bill Robbins


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