Rabinal to Molineseca


MOLINASECA, Oct 10, 4:00pm

The guidebook’s description of today’s hike scared the hell out of me. I should stop reading it.

Today was one of the best days I’ve had on the Camino. The walk up to Cruz de Ferro was nothing. We were already starting from a high elevation and only had a couple of hundred meters to go.

Cruz de Ferro was overwhelmingly emotional for me. There were many people there writing things on rocks and fence posts. They were crying, praying and just standing there. Some were reading things out loud. Everyone had their own burden to present.

I left two stones at the foot of Cruz de Ferro. One was a little rock from Maine in memory of my Mother, Father and Brother. The other was a stone from my friends rock garden. She and her husband have a long test of endurance ahead of them battling his cancer. I hope the strong energy emanating from this powerful place reaches Nadine & Jim and gives them the strength, patience and love to see this through.

The rest of the day was one big smile picking through downhill trails and waking this awesome mountain pass road to the town I’m in tonight.

Tomorrow is a 31km day. Should be good…

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