Molinaseca to Villafranca

Midevil Castle in Ponderreda

Pilgrim welcome in Villafranca

VILLAFRANCA, Oct 11, 5:14pm

Did another 30kms today and my feet are SCREEMING at me right now. Big new blister in the oddest place. How does this happen?

The walk took us through Ponferrada this morning where there is an honest to goodness castle! It is really cool!

The rest was also interesting through several little villages, farms and hillsides.

This little town of Villafranca is quite Midevil and quaint. Lots of narrow stone streets and buildings.

I have been walking with a younger woman from Hungary the past few days. She can speak a little English but no Spanish which is a huge handicap on the Camino. Her feet are giving her some problems and she can’t wear her boots anymore which limits her to paved roads only. I hope this works out for her. She also has been walking from France. Hope she can make it to Santiago even if she has to take the highway.

My Spanish is getting poco better every day. Yesterday when I checked into the Albergue, even though I knew the correct words in Spanish, I just couldn’t bring myself to say “donde le douche”!!

Some things are better left unsaid…

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