O’Cebriero to Barbadelo


CONDESSA, Oct 13, 9:43am

Well, it’s time to face the truth. I have been in denial over the past few days as to what has caused these mucho itchy bites on my face, neck, ears, arms, hands and legs. The signature three bites in a row are too blatant to deny. I have been bitten by bedbugs. Since these take 2 to 14 days to appear after the actual bites, I’ll never know where they came from. Some may be older than others. They are itchier than my worst case of poison ivy and I am so skeeved out. It could be two days before I find a pharmacy for relief other than the 2 antihistamine tablets and Benadryl cream I have. Will have to spray my bag. I did a thorough inspection of my sleeping bag, which is white, and no critters. That’s the good news.

TRIACASTELA, Oct. 13, 3:39pm

Ok. So I walked as fast as I could through pouring rain and heavy winds and got to today’s destination. It’s a miracle the pharmacy is open during siesta. The other miracle is that the pharmacist speaks English! Jackpot!! She was very helpful. Sold me everything in the store to help with my bedbug issue. Spray for my body and my bag and every bed I sleep in, and face and body creams to help repel them, and a very strong antihistamine (2 per dia for 7 dias). $75€ later, I’m on my way back to smooth jasmine smelling skin.

BARBAELO, Oct 13, 5:21pm

What a glorious day! You just never know what kind of a day it will be in Galicia. We left before sunrise adorned in rain gear but had shed all of it by 10am when the sun was bright and not a cloud in the sky.

Today’s plan was to walk to Sarria, but I just couldn’t stop and ended up in this lovely mountain village in an Albergue that would be a great destination wedding place if the guests don’t mind walking up cow paths to get here. No need to dress up…

Galicia is incredibly beautiful. So full of rolling green mountains spotted with fields with grazing cattle and sheep. The air is cool and I just LOVE it.

At this point there is only 110kms to go. People are beginning to speak about their plans after they reach Santiago on Sunday. It is making me kind of sad because I am enjoying this so much and don’t want it to end. Plus, I’ve finally reached the point where my feet aren’t sore at the end of the day. I can do the hills up and down easily and don’t want to lose the physical momentum after I get home.

Anyway, there is a festival in Santiago so I booked my hotel last night. Most of them were full but I managed to get one right near the Cathedral for a reasonable price.

Oh, dinner time! Adios.

2 thoughts on “O’Cebriero to Barbadelo

  1. Good for you…enjoy the rest of the walk! My theory is you probably got the bed bugs in several spots…the good news is, the itching will go away!


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