Barbadelo to Salceda

HOSPITAL de la CRUZ, Oct 15, 4:04pm

Very proud of myself today. I walked over 32kms mostly in the pouring rain. Everything is soaked. But it’s only water. Feet are good, still not screaming at me. There was hardly anyone walking the last 10kms. I think most ppl stopped at Portomorin when the rains got torrential. For some reason I just had to keep going.

At one point, I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” My answer repeatedly was “I don’t know, but I need to do it.” So I asked myself, “Why do I need to do this?” My answer: “haven’t a clue, other than it makes me feel good.” And on and on the logic went.

At the end of a long string of questions and answers, the bottom line was that I have a great life and so much to be thankful for. Both my children are happy, have peace of mind and solid convictions, my close friends are long term and true, and I have good health and most of my mental faculties. A pretty good place to be at age 60.

There is only one other person here at this Albergue. A young Spanish man who also speaks some English. I asked him if he snores. He said he has never heard himself snore and then moved down the other end of the dormitory. We both laughed.

79kms to Santiago. At this pace, maybe I’ll make the Pilgrims Mass at the great cathedral. Rumor has it they will be swinging the huge Botafumeiro at noon Sunday Mass and I don’t want to miss that.

MELIDE, Oct 16, 4:38pm

Did it again! A good long day and it rained hard all day without any letup. Most of the paths were rushing with water. One was flooded so bad it was over my boots. But there was no where else to walk so I just had to get totally soaked. After that I didn’t care where I stepped. Hopefully, the boots will dry by tomorrow.

There are only 52 kms left to Santiago! I should be there by the end of the day on Saturday, which is one day short of my ETA. That’s great! Will make the Pilgrim Mass for sure on Sunday, then check into my hotel for the week until my flight home. I hope to take a day trip to Finisterre and Muxia, get a tattoo, and see some sights while I’m there. This has been an incredible experience. Somehow it feels too short. What does that mean?

SALCEDA, Oct 17, 6:39pm

What a wonderful day to walk. Boots were still wet from yesterday. I was alone all day and totally lost in my thoughts, when a man came up behind me and asked me where we were. I looked at the way marker that just happened to be there and said “we are 32 kms to Santiago”. “Yes” he said, “but where are we”? Honestly I hadn’t a clue. What difference did it make? We were on the road to Santiago.

Anyway around 4:00, I stopped here at this roadside place for a refreshment. It was also starting to rain again. A woman I had met earlier was sitting inside with a bottle of vino blanca and asked if I wanted to share. What the heck. It’s only 25 kms to Santiago, so why not. After the wine and some snacks, I’ve decided to just stay here for the night. We will be having dinner down the street soon.

Tomorrow will be a big day. The last day of my journey. I have some mixed feelings. It seems like I’m not ready to get there. But I do miss my life at home, my daughters smile, my little dog, and my cushy bed. I will make sure I walk alone again tomorrow and lose myself in thoughts as I did today.

The next post will be Santiago!!!

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