Santiago de Compostela

The Great Cathedral

SANTIAGO de COMPOTELLA, Oct 18, 8:16pm

Made it!!! Left just before sunrise and had a delightful day waking through some magnificent and peaceful eucalyptus forests, some farms, small villages and the residential areas surrounding Santiago. My arrival was somewhat less dramatic than the movie portrays but it was emotional just the same.

The Pilgrims office had a line about an hour long to get the Compostella and Certificate of Distance, so we chatted it up about our experiences while waiting our turns.

Then I checked into a great hotel just a few doors down. Awesome location in the Cathedral square. How nice it will be to sleep I a room by myself in a real bed with real sheets (not disposable) and my own bath with plush towels.

Right now I am sitting in a laundromat watching my stinky closes get sanitized and clean. There is a great tapas bar I will hit on the way home.

Tomorrow is the Pilgrims Mass at the great Cathedral. They will be swinging the huge Botafumeiro so don’t want to miss it.

I will spend the rest of my time here contemplating what I’ve done and visiting Finisterre and Muxia. And getting a tattoo!


7 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela

  1. Way to go Janet!!! I have really enjoyed reading your daily logs and will miss “traveling with you”. Enjoy winding down this week. Let’s all get together and celebrate when you return home!


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